What it Takes ~ Coaching Redefined

the Idea Lab Mastermind

What is it?

Simple. It's laser coaching in 15-minute increments, without the fluff and BS.....where we focus on getting you to take the next step toward your Life & Business Goals.

First Call is a 30 minute get to know you call then we jump right in!  We identify your big goals and the action steps you'll need to take to reach them. You'll also uncover hidden blocks & obstacles so we can overcome them with our eyes open.

Each session following is 15 mins, we get right into it, you can schedule as many as you want, no more than 2 per week! See the complete rules below.  Each session will have homework and each month a book to read to catapult your results!

After each session, when homework is complete, you may log-on and schedule your next call!  SIMPLE!

How much is it for ONE Year of this?


Limited to 10 Clients 

Why am I offering this? 

Yes, I know it seems counter-intuitive, maybe even a bit crazy, that I’d offer unlimited anything for a full year.

But there is compelling evidence as to why this is one of the most powerful ways to approach coaching.

Ten years ago, I joined my first coaching group. I was nervous because I really couldn’t afford the $5997 6 monthly fee. Plus, my husband wasn’t convinced this was a good investment, I was scared I wouldn't get results or my money's worth.


I didn't! Nothing not even close to what I expected it to do for my business!!

I found a different coach, not online, by meeting them in person, did research, talked to other clients....

By the end of that first 15-minute conversation, I had a rough outline of my business that netted me over $50,000 in the following 2 months. It was huge!  I was happy, I was serving more people.

I got back more than 10 times my investment in ONE 15-minute conversation! I had been too close to the problem. He instantly saw the problem in a new way and together we came up with one simple action step that fixed the problem.

Focus on Problem + Action Step = Results

Who? Are You?

Ready to Finally Know What to Do

Get Un-Stuck

Have the Steps to Move Forward

Do the Work (as soon as you know what it is)

Ready for a no BS Approach cause you have

Done the Mindset Work

Done the Grounding

Done the Programs, Webinars, Masterclasses

More Programs that Cost MORE Money and Still are not Making and Doing!

This is For YOU!


I Think YOU Deserve Real Coaching, Real Results and it Should NOT Cost more than you are making!

Need More Answers than That?

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“ In just one session Suzanne was able to break through my resistance and blocks to enable me to truly value myself and the contributions I had previously made in business. In three weeks of working together, I accomplished more than in 1 year with my last high-level coach!

This work is truly transformational! "

~Denise Stegall, The Living Healthy List CEO & Happy Living Coach

What do you Receive?

I can’t think of a better decision than to hire a coach, If you’re ready to have a world-class master coach in your corner for the next full year, then click the button below to make it happen:

This is the most irresistible offer I’ve ever created and when I learned about this from my mentor I knew I had to offer it.....because like you this is something I needed when I started my business! 


THE OFFER: This is UNLIMITED Laser Coaching for your Life & Business. We meet by phone for 15 minutes (30 minutes for our first call), confirm your business goals, identify the steps that will get you there, agree on homework to take before your next call, and then I send you a recording of our call, confirmation of your homework, and a link to sign up for your next session. You can schedule your next session that same day!




THE RULES: You can schedule as many 15 minute coaching sessions as you like until Jan 2021. You simply must do your homework before you schedule the next session. This gently pushes you to take the action you need to take to get the results you want.


THE REASON: I’m offering you this because it turns out I actually *LOVE* coaching!  I want a full calendar of calls 2 days a week with newer entrepreneurs that will turn into my future higher paying clients, mastermind members and partners for workshops, retreats and online summits & interview series!   I am tired of overpriced coaching, warped financial advice to go into debt to hire a coach!


THE GUARANTEE: On our first (30) FREE Minute Call – if you don’t think I can absolutely help you achieve your goals, then don't pay!


THE DEADLINE: You must take action on this ASAP because this will not be offered till next Jan, and not at this low price.


If you sell coaching, shouldn’t you have a coach yourself? And if so, where else can you find one for $83/month???


If you are a holistic practitioner, in network marketing, or lead a team internal or external, doesn’t it make sense to hire someone who’s helped grow her own small businesses into a big one using organic marketing, authentic networking and connections, referrals and created an invitation-only coaching practice for her 1:1  clients and much more?  

This is the ARETE version of this program only to be offered at this price for a short time.......next round is $1297

2 Spots Remain Reserve yours Today!!


Bonuses for Jan 2020

Private Members Area Access with Even More Content (Lifetime Access)

Secret Facebook Group Just for Paying Members (Lifetime Access) 

Monthly Book Club Discussions In FB Group 

Live your Best Life Online Course (Value $297)

The Brand is You Online Course (Value $197) 

The Self-Love Project (Value Priceless)

Business Planning Rockstar Online Course (Value $888)

40% OFF 2020 Retreat Planning in the Works!


All of this is Really Worth Over $100K because that's what it cost me to learn and it's taken 35 years! Let's get you there faster!

*please note all of these are not required but there if you need them

Are you Ready?