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I am so happy we connected and I am truly excited you have found your way to my online home! 

Are you here because we crossed paths online or you caught one of my webinars? Maybe we met in person at one of my classes or workshops? Maybe a friend said you should meet me or connect? Whichever the case I am trilled you are here! 

It doesn’t matter how we connected. YOU’RE HERE. We were meant to meet, and I’m just glad we did.


So now that you’re here, what’s in it for you? Tons! I’m giving you access to wellness information and resources that will enhance your quality of life. You’ll find more than you expected and if you’re looking for something you don’t see, let me know. Now, let’s get you where you need to be on my site and in all of this awesome information I have put together for you, it's over 35 years worth of recipes, tips, programs and classes! 

Who's Suzanne?


I am a wife, mom, friend, and A Positive Wellbeing Mentor with an un-waivering passion for Nutrition, Exercise, Positive Psychology, and business!! Combining Aromatherapy, Holistic Living, NLP and Positive Psychology to guide people to living with Positive Wellbeing, healing, joy and vibrancy and ways to heal the body, mind and soul naturally.  Some of my favorite things are hanging with my boys, my Great Dane, and exercise! I am an avid outdoor enthusiast, South Jersey native with a Southern California vibe! 


A Little More?

I’m a certified aromatherapist since 1999 and non-toxic living expert along with being a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Holistic Life Coach......I began my studies in these fields for myself..... I turned my life around at the age of 40 by kicking to the curb old worn-out philosophies about how to live, and replacing them with functional wellness practices. My family and I live a holistic lifestyle and I teach others what it means to do the same.

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As an coach and blogger I share information online and with private clients. I working on writing my book, and have created mountains of content that I can't wait to share with you in my BLOG and THE Authentic Business Collective Community


By practicing what I preach, life has taken on a whole new meaning!  After making my own personal growth and business development work, I’m a life coach and business coach. I’m passionate about sharing what I’ve learned from education, self-study, mentors and through life experience, so I create online courses and share my workshops online and in person. I love to meet people face-to-face. See my EVENTS page to check out what's coming soon!


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Every time someone who has attended one of my courses tells me they made changes they didn’t know were possible, I feel honored. When someone tells me they’ve read one of my blog articles and it helped them see their lives differently, it’s the same. It validates the direction I’m going with my work.

My clients help me, too. Their sense of commitment and willingness to grow feeds me and I am privileged to watch them, guide them and get inspired by them.

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