Virtual Wellness Lifestyle Coaching

  • Hundreds of programs, challenges, workouts and videos

  • Work directly with a coach to assign programs & challenges

  • Access your coaching with 24/7 access and mobile app

  • Monthly Membership less than the cost of a one session with a coach!

  • $47 Per Month includes all of this and more..........

300 Wellness, Fitness & Lifestyle Programs

Eat Well
Move Well
Sleep Well
Feel Well
Live Well

Healthy eating programs, recipes, meal plans, fitness programs from the non-athlete on up to fitness enthusiasts, walking, running, yoga, pilates and more.......all with videos or step by step guidance!  Sleep, meditation and mindfulness programs to enhance mental wellbeing and a positive mindset. Feel well programs for enhanced relationships, relaxation and stress management. Live well money management and financial wellbeing for you and your family with a kids and money program!! 


All the Programs & Tools you Need to Run a Wellness Business

Everything in One Platform & App

Branded for You

Each of our coaches have unique skills, philosophies and areas of expertise. They are wellness coaches, fitness trainers, life coaches and health consultants. Whatever your specialty, we can expand your reach and help you service clients with needs that fall outside of your area of expertise. We provide solutions that will make any coach more successful.

Increased Revenue:

Use our Employee Wellness Solution to have a membership program or coach virtually!

Mobile Apps:

Your clients can login from desktop, tablet or mobile app

Coaching Calendar:

Schedule clients and reduce "no shows" with automated reminders

Communication Logs:

See all session notes and correspondence anytime, anywhere

Integrated Billing:

Invoice clients and accept credit card payments securely

Health Data:

Track metabolic screenings and get automated health reports

Client Dashboard:

Quickly access health, activity and tracking info for each client

Customizable Interface:

Brand your Vigoroom site with your name, logo and colors

Coach/Client Agreements:

Use templates to create your own e-contracts for liability protection


Incentivize clients with engagement points and badges

Grow Like a Pro

Create more custom interfaces, get more clients, hire more coaches

HIPAA Compliant:

Assure clients that information has maximum privacy and security

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