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I am so honored to do the work that I do in this world!  It has been my pleasure to coach, guide and motivate others on the journey to healthier more vibrant living!

I can't wait to get you started!


“Suzanne offered a realistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle. After losing and gaining almost 100 pounds, I never thought I could find success with losing weight and not being on a diet. She showed me how to eat within my means and make better choices. The best part was that I never felt deprived – instead, I now have path to a better me. Plus I have started my own business, which has always been a dream!”

 ~Kat Buckmeyer



"Suzanne is so amazing, she helped me lose over

60 lbs, regain so much body confidence and figure out how to eat for energy and staying young. I didn't have any confidence in the gym, and she supported me and allowed me to find what I was really missing...loving my self! Now I am growing at work as well....this personal development has been a god send! " ~ Sherry


Suzanne, Thinking back from day 1 when we started working together, I really feel I have made some good progress.  The exercises have helped me with being newly married and understanding the give/take process and understanding the other person.   Using words to ground me has helped with many different situations and really look at myself and figure out why I react the way I do in certain situations.
I realized after our call Wednesday, I don't think I had shared with you that I had been working towards getting my certification in project management.  I started thinking about this last year and started studying for this test just recently.  Over the Holiday's when working on some items you gave me, I had to really think of "where do you want to work and why."  ~ Charlotte Waters-Cory




“In just one session Suzanne was able to break through my resistance and blocks to enable me to truly value myself and the contributions I had previously made in business. In three weeks of working together, I accomplished more than in 1 year with my last high-level coach! This work is truly transformational! ~Denise Stegall, The Happy Living Coach



“Suzanne’s ability to identify and break down an issue for exploration, is exceptional, as is her depth of business knowledge. Her listening skills mean she able to pick up on underlying facts that may have gone unnoticed, yet are highly relevant to the resolution of my problems. My experience is that any problem under discussion soon acquires new perspectives that lead to very timely resolutions. Working with Suzanne has also been a pleasure, she has a very warm, easy working style.” ~ Karen


“I achieved excellent results when Suzanne was my coach. Worked with me on my core values and strengths and showed me how I should feel proud to show them off to my employer. We worked on needs, attracting things in life, having reserves and abundance and also looked at how I might work now towards a plan in later life. We also discussed how to deal with under-performing team members and why I should not feel uncomfortable saying what I mean. Suzanne has a tremendous amount of knowledge and was always giving me the right tools (presentations, books, teachings, studies) to assist me. She is also very patient and flexible.” ~Tom Westinger


“I hired Suzanne as a coach to help me get through a period of change and growth in my business. She was insightful and challenging and provided me the knowledge and tools to grow my business” ~Bethany


“In only a brief 15-minute session, Suzanne greatly helped me focus in a new way on my upcoming workshop presentation and clarify what it was, exactly, that I wanted to see happen in those 90 minutes. I realized with conviction that the best outcomes would result from being true to my own personal style. She listened carefully and reflected back my ideas as I worked them around in a new way and I went into my presentation feeling confident, energized and even inspired.”


“I used Suzanne’s accountability service on a Sunday as it was the only time I had available to get a major piece of work done. Just knowing I had to update Suzanne every hour kept me focused on the task in hand and as the inevitable obstacles and frustrations came up I found myself persevering instead of finding something else to do. By the end of the day, I had made significant progress on a task I had been putting off for months and gained the clarity I needed to keep moving forward. Suzanne’s input throughout the day was an invaluable catalyst for getting the job done. It was the objective perspective I needed to keep me focused and achieve my goal” ~Mary Tyler


“I hired Suzanne as a life/career coach. She brought knowledge, compassion, and commitment into the relationship. This helped me a lot in identifying and understanding the underlying causes of my situations as well as better defining my goals. I also became more forward-looking and open-minded about myself and others. She is also very results oriented and was very organized in planning session and assignments to facilitate the acquisition of the required skills. I highly recommend Suzanne for anybody who needs help to take more charge over his / her life especially someone to set you challenges that will move you to the next level.”   ~ Elizabeth Riderson

Nutrition Clients Speak Out Praise for Mindful and Intuitive Eating

"I consider myself a pretty healthy person in general. This coaching and accountability  took me to that next level I was searching for. I was always struggling with losing the last 10 pounds I needed and stubborn belly fat. This program did that and made me more aware of my body." - Susan Miller

"I've never felt more alive than I do now. I find that those food cravings I was having aren't showing up anymore and much of the pain in my body is slowly disappearing." - Brittany

"I just finished my 3 month package and I am more confident now and feel totally empowered to follow a true passion of mine, which I discovered I was certain about after I started this program." - Christine

"I can't tell you how fabulous the guided meditations are for stress. The mind/body work has been a lifesaver for me." - Patty Gold

"This is my mind body makeover and its f-bomb awesome! The mind body connection is the game changer. Gratitude walks and meditation ARE life changing." - Jacqueline

"I am enjoying this journey in taking better care of myself!. I like the format, have been doing affirmations, changing my eating habits, and doing my gratitude walk. I am finding myself more at peace with myself and feeling very enthusiastic." - Ann


"Today marks the end of week two for me. I started the program for health and self love issues. I can honestly say that I am already feeling better than I ever thought possible. I am waking earlier, more energetic, eating healthy (and so my family is, too), practicing daily yoga and meditation, making positive self talk a habit, and I've lost 8 lbs!" - Carol West


Suzanne Taylor changed my life!! I have lost about 40lbs and I am still going!! She is a great motivator and anytime I need her or have a question she is there to help. I don't feel hungry or feel as if I am on a "diet". I have never had this much success with weight loss and I could have NEVER done it without her. She knows her stuff! And believe me I have tried EVERYTHING! I finally realize I don't have to be fat for the rest of my life. Eat things in moderation and WORK OUT! Love you Sue!! Your the BEST!

​Terry Merola Dinella

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