Winter Wellness Tips ~ Take Care of Yourself First! Please!

OK get real its "f-ing" cold outside and I am freezing in the house!! WTF! Imagine a world where who you are is your biggest status symbol! Not the car, the business, the perfectly decorated house! YOU just YOU!

I have come upon the jealousy and envy recently. The comparisonitis.......not a word but I like it!! The friends who have more, travel more. The business owners who online look or say they are making 20k a month in business working 3 days a week! What what what? Please tell me how? Oh wait it costs 10k to find out! I get it now!! In this crazy online world, how do we know what is truth and what is fake?

What if it didn't matter?

What if all that matters is YOU! Your health, your family, your relationships and the passion you have for life? That is the world I want to live in! Be in! LOVE this idea!

How to make this idea happen? To end comparisonitis? Come with me.........


Let's start with some winter wellness ideas.......

Winter can cause a yearning in your soul to warm up by a cozy fire and finally slow down. I love that nature works like this, innately causing us to change with the seasons, have you ever noticed? The winter brings the desire for warmer foods, connection with loved ones, and more rest and relaxation. The critical part of this fascinating natural phenomenon is that we listen and oblige.

Another tendency is to feel our desire to workout slow down this season, which is also common. There are a few ways I go into the Winter season mindful of this, and I'm going to share with you my top ways to help you keep a Winter wellness routine, as well. These work for me each year, and I hope you'll gain some ideas you can use, too!

My favorite Winter Wellness tips...

1. Don’t burn the candle at both ends

If your social calendar looks anything like mine, it's jam-packed this season. We just made it through all the Holiday parties, and now it's time to catch up with those we didn't have time to see last month, and of course, celebrate the New Year. However, don’t feel obligated to attend every gathering you get invited to, particularly if you’re feeling burnt out from work and your other obligations. It’s great to meet new people and socialize, but if it causes you to get less sleep or it stresses you out, decline some of the less essential offers.

2. Be mindful of social settings

For the events you do attend, remember that cold and flu germs often lurk without symptoms at first. There’s no need to be paranoid about shaking hands or meeting people, but be mindful of your hands before you eat and don’t touch your nose, mouth or eyes after shaking hands with someone. Keeping your hands clean is the best way to avoid a winter illness.

3. Keep working out

Your best battle against the winter blues is to keep to your workout routine. Finding it hard to stay motivated during the colder months? Switch things up. Try a new class at your gym or take on a new challenge that will help keep you motivated.

4. Hydrate more

Getting enough fluids is essential on any day, but in winter the weather is drier and so is the heat indoors. Not only that, but your skin can become parched too. Drinking more water and applying more moisturizer is a must.

I have noticed my legs and arms are dryer than other years, is it the cold or my increase in coffee lately, which can dehydrate your body and your skin!? Hmmmmm coconut oil please!

So, what's the norm for you? Do you try to stay on track during the winter months, or do you put things off until it starts to warm up outside?

I am tired of the mad rush for New Years resolutions! I want people to take care of themselves year round! To love yourself more than chocolate, ice cream and sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine nightly!! (find once in a while!) It's called balance!!

Can we get real, get serious and finally talk about what is holding you back from getting healthy?

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