Triggering me is not easy!

Triggering me is not easy! I’ve worked on my blocks and limiting beliefs for years!!!

But yesterday it happened twice and it sent my mindset into the toilet! So much so the tears were flowing and I couldn’t make eye contact with my husband !

I took action and called my friend who is a spiritual coach and advisor, I told her what I needed and she proceeded to tell me how much it would be to work with her! Because we are friends, she mentioned a big discount and that in order for me to take our work together seriously I would need to pay !

YES I love this! Because I’m not doing it! In the last two weeks I have given away over $900 worth of intellectual property! Why? Because I don’t value myself, because I feel in lack because I’m not making the income I desire yet!

So friends, acquaintances, and strangers ask me for advice, programs and meal plans that I’ve created .....and I give it! Spending hours mentoring, advising, giving help on social media, business ideas, content ideas......and news alert ....... my bucket is fucking empty and I am mad!

Mad at myself, mad at those people who got free stuff from me and are now paying someone else to help them! Yup! I found out yesterday that two people I gave Free help or content to are now paying someone else for weight loss, wellness or healing!!

Today, letting go of anger, jealousy, resentment, bitterness and the overall feeling of unworthiness and lack!! To step into my power finally and for the last time! To raising my prices to a range that excites me to work with someone, and that’s reflective of my education and abilities ! To realize I am worth so much more! And most of all to wish those people well on their wellness journey, to be happy for them getting healthy and not mad cause they didn’t hire me, cause that’s my fault!!

Rant over!

Taking the day off for some self care, a hair appointment for a fresh new do!!!

#wellness #triggers #anger #frustrations #lifecoach #wellness #holisticlife #coach

#mindset #positivity #powerfullypositive

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