This "busy" Girl Needs the Benefits of Meditation.........

Life can be overwhelming, busy and not exactly what you can for me, as a Life and Business Mentor with an Organic Essential Oils Company and the Founder of a Franchised Networking group.......WOW I can sure feel busy! But most of the time, my brain feels calm, centered and relaxed.......unless I start over thinking! This is when I go to my tools...mindfulness, meditation and oils! Let me explain the ways!

As you are aware there are several ways you can meditate. While each method may have different benefits, we will take a look at the overall benefits of meditation in general.

How Meditation Affects Your Brain

It is so easy to stress out your brain these days. You are busy at work, you have a family to take care of and provide for. This can lead to you not eating correctly, not exercising enough and we haven't even touched on social impacts such as drinking and smoking. It is easy to see that your brain is extremely taxed out.

As you become stressed out you start to make impulsive decisions. You are always in a rushed state, so you don't take the time to think things through. This can lead to making bad judgements that could affect everyone around you.

Using meditation methods such as the Mindfulness or Transcendental ones you can minimize and even reverse these effects on your brain. By giving your brain permission to stop and relax, you are allowing it to enter a period of restfulness while still staying alert.

What this achieves is that it helps to strengthen the communication process in your brain. Without getting too technical, this is where your brain's prefrontal cortex and different areas that control brain functions are located.

The result of this restful period is that your ability to make strong, well thought out decisions is restored. Outwardly you project a more stable and confident appearance to your colleagues.

The overall benefits you will reap from meditating include:

Feeling as though you have a purpose in lifeYour behavior becomes less impulsiveYour decision making skills are enhancedYour memory works much better than it used to You stop abusing things such as cigarettes, drugs and alcohol Your energy levels are increased

You become much healthier overall

Your immune systems works better

Your self confidence levels are increased

Your feeling of well being is improved

Your relationships are better

You just feel happy and optimistic about your life........

So if you are not totally happy or satisfied with your life then you may want to incorporate meditation into it. The nice thing about meditating is that it doesn't take very long at all. A twenty minute session, once or twice a day, can do wonders for your health.

Top Reasons for Developing your Own Meditation Practice

1. It can help you to overcomes issues such as; anxiety, depression, mood swings, and feelings of confusion. Dealing with these feelings is a major problem for thousands of people around the world. Sometimes these thoughts can be detrimental to your life and can have devastating effects of your life. If you are dealing with any of these issues check with your doctor about the benefits of incorporating meditation.

2. Meditation also helps you build healthy outlooks when it comes to achieving things like losing weight. By meditating you are reinforcing a positive attitude. If you use motivational quotes you can easily improve your mindset. If your goal is to lose weight, congratulate yourself each day on your effects. Or you may want to focus on how fantastic you will look in those skinny jeans!

3. Meditation can help boost your creativity streak. When you clear your mind and reduce all that chatter your ability to focus and concentrate increases. When your mind is free you can allow it to wander and dream up all types of new things.

4. Meditating helps you feel re-energized. Your sessions do not have to last that long at all. A 20 minute session can help clear your mind and thoughts and leave you feeling refreshed and re-energized.

5. It also helps you deal with stress, this is achieved by reinforcing positive thoughts and by allowing you to focus on the tasks at hand. You will develop the skills need to deal with your stress more efficiently.

6. Meditation helps to improve your focus and your attention span. Participating in activities such as yoga or Tai Chi can help you in these areas. As can repeating motivational quotes or listening and focusing on sounds such as waves crashing against the beach.

Doctors are now recommending meditation to more and more of their patients. This can be a helpful way to deal with many health issues and it really doesn't cost anything! To date the results that have been seen from meditating are extremely positive, so it is something that is well worth practicing daily!

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