The 8 Hour Diet ~ Intermittent Fasting my personal review!

What Is the Eight Hour Diet?

The number one principal in the Eight Hour Diet is that the human body was designed to run best on longer periods of fasting followed by shorter periods of eating—the basic "feast or famine" experience that our ancient ancestors may have encountered. This diet plan has an eight-hour eating "window" followed by a 16-hour period of fasting.

The plan is highly customizable and allows you to designate your own eating window. It can work with nearly any lifestyle or schedule. You just have to cut your eating period down to 8 hours. Doing this is supposed to help your metabolism and assist you in using fat stores more quickly by entering Ketosis on a daily basis.

To do this you just need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Consume all of your daily calories during the 8 hour period. You shouldn't really consume ANY calories outside the window to maximize ketosis, however the plan makes exceptions for coffee and tea. The 8 hour period can be determined by the dieter and chosen based on what will work best with your schedule. So if you want to eat from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. or if you wan to eat from 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. It doesn't matter to the diet. Do what works for you!

  • This diet concentrates mostly on when you eat and less on how you eat. You may eat however you choose. It recommends that you eat certain power foods to maximize your weight loss, but aside from perhaps adding a few foods to your diet, you can eat whatever you want on this diet. There are no "forbidden" foods. The important thing is that you simply don't overdo it and that you follow your body's natural cues on what you need to eat.

  • Avoid sugary beverages and do not consume calories in drinks outside of your 8 hour window.

  • The recommendation is that you exercise for at least 8 minutes before breaking your fast to supercharge weight loss. This 8 minutes can be any exercise of your choosing.

  • There is an emphasis on drinking water during the 16 hours of fasting. Everyone's body needs to remain properly hydrated for maximum weight loss results.

That's the basic idea of the diet. It's very simple and easy to follow. That's an advantage of this diet, it's so simple. In general, the more simple the diet is, the longer the dieter can maintain the changes and see positive weight loss results.

The Power Foods

The best chance of weight loss on this diet comes when you use these "power foods" to super-charge your diet. There is a recommendation that you eat one food from the fat buster category and one from the health booster every day. Here is a partial listing of the recommended power foods:

Fat Busters:

  • Turkey,eggs and lean meats

  • Walnuts and other nuts

  • Yogurt and other dairy

  • Beans,peanuts and other legumes

Health Booster:

  • Raspberries and other berries

  • Oranges,apples and other fruit

  • Spinach and other green vegetables

  • Whole grain breads,cereals and oatmeal

My Review of the Diet

I have tried the and it did work for me. It eliminated my late night snacking and I no longer ate breakfast because I had a later window. Both of these cut out a significant amount of calories each day. On top of that, I felt less bloated and more energetic throughout the duration of the diet.

Fasting for 16 hours was rarely difficult. It's quite easy to adjust to that and not feel deprived. A big change was that I looked forward to breaking my fast, and I was aware that I was not eating out of hunger when I was eating for 16 hours and fasting for 8 (my "normal" eating schedule). If I did experience hunger it was quickly quenched by drinking a glass of water and doing an activity that would take my mind off the hunger. The truth is that the hunger was not true hunger but more of a craving than anything.

At the end of the first two weeks I have lost 5.5 lbs ! This diet is so effortless and causes me to feel better and lose fat which was my goal!

Let me know your thoughts!!

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