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Key Tips To Stop Sabotaging Your Own Health

We're so used to things not going our way that we protect ourselves by ruining things for ourselves before they get ruined by others. Many times those who sabotage their health are driven by unconscious reasons, but justify it via mindful means. Simply put, we screw up our health without even realizing it.

If you're too hard on yourself and tend to sabotage your own success as it concerns health or otherwise, read on to find out how you can stop, and treat yourself how you deserve to be treated.

Be objective. Take a step back and look at what is happening in your life from a strangers point of view. You can even start a journal and write down.

Embrace imperfections. Getting feedback and critique is probably the last thing you want, but a great chance to improve your health, realize what you're doing wrong. More often than not, you'll find that the feedback was actually helpful, but only if you don't take it too personally, or over think everything.

Don't be gullible. The grass that's much greener on the other side of the fence is that way because of the hard work that went into it. What you envision success to be, whether it's losing 20 pounds or being filthy rich, our thinking process doesn't take into account all the hard work that goes into it. Be realistic about your health goals and break them down into mini-goals. They can be daily or weekly - it's up to you. Write down every step you need to take in order to get there, and don't leave out the times when you fail to reach one of them. Trust in the process, and more importantly, in yourself.

Stop being selfish. Some people think that when they sabotage their health, they're doing it for the good of others around them. For example, a mother may feel that she's putting her kids well-being before her own when she doesn't take the time to eat right or exercise. Or a father thinks that by working all the time and not taking the time to take to take care of his health, then it's for the sake of his family. The truth is, this behavior is the exact definition of being selfish.

Trust your perspective. As we grow, we're bombarded with comments about ourselves, and it's the negative ones that stick with us the most. The problem here is that it can be difficult to break free from these comments that we turn into tangible beasts that haunt us in every decision we make. In addition, they can be ordinary, run-of-the-mill comments that someone made without giving it a second thought, but to us, it dominates our waking hours and dictates our life decisions. It's important to give these comments a break and be stronger than the effect they have on you so you can live life to the fullest. Positive Psychology helped me through that part, releasing the need to please others, or have them like me allowed me to become the best and truest version of myself!!

Go easy on yourself. It's no big deal if you feel uncomfortable in a certain situation, or if you're not completely certain what to do. Take a deep breath, realize that every single person gets the same heart-gripping fear every once in awhile and take the plunge - what's the worst that can happen? I'll tell you. It's one of two things: you'll either fail miserably, which will be somewhat embarrassing, but won't be the end of the world, you'll stand back up, take another deep breath, learn from your mistakes and try again. Or, you'll succeed and you'll be proud of your accomplishments, and move on to the next task with courage.

Be brave. Bolstering your confidence takes practice and time. Take the time to research and ask questions so that you're prepared and confident. Self-Love is important!

Punch low self-esteem in the face. When you're not as trusting in your abilities as you should be, that prevents you from achieving the most you can. People with low self-esteem always have ready on-hand excuses for why they're not good enough or why they can't do this or that. Or better yet blame you for the lack of willpower, action or just plain never starting. Procrastination and fear of failure are normal, it's the "not trying" part that makes you miss you out on life.

Take the time to put yourself before others; it will make you a healthier, more balanced person. You'll quickly discover that you have more time and energy to do the things you have to do in your life, whether it's for work or family.

Recently I was taken by surprise to find out someone I thought was 65ish, was actually much younger. The self-sabotage and feeling "old" for the last 20 years, since her son had gone off to collage, lack of exercise, not changing her hairstyle since 1995 and more importantly Thinking Old!!

I am personally taking no prisoners in this war! I have realized that feeling strong, attractive, no matter the age........has been easier when I embrace the gray, the wrinkles and the extra 10 pounds. Being strong, fit and healthy doesn't have an age! But if it did it would be 50!

Hello I am Suzanne I guide women in achieving mind, body and soul alignment..activating your highest and greatest powers of knowing, Imagine feeling comfortable in your body, knowing your path and feeling content and enough. Discover intuitive clean eating, self-healing using mother nature as your prescription for vibrant living.

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