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About Healing Herbs for Homeopathy

As you embark on your journey of natural and holistic health, you will come across the use of natural herbs often. These are used in homeopathy, where you are healing physical and medical conditions with more natural remedies. Healing herbs are the same herbs you have in your herb garden or that you use to season your food, but can also have a lot of medicinal properties at the same time.

Natural herbal remedies are drawing the attention of many traditional medical practitioners to rapidly recognize the ability of the hundreds of thousands of known herbs that have the ability to treat and prevent various human and animal illnesses, as well as properties that can enhance mental attitude, appearance, and performance.

Many centuries of experimentation by many cultures, for example Indian herbal medicine (Ayurvedic), Chinese herbal medicine, and western herbal medicine have created many uses for plants either singularly or in compounds, and sometimes animal by products to prevent and treat various conditions and illnesses.

A natural remedy can be anything from tea, to complex preparations of herbal compounds used in hospitals and clinics. These formulas come in many forms such as capsules, pills, ointments, and gels.

You may be using some of the common herbs as a food in your home such as:

* Garlic--natural antibiotic and helps reduce cholesterol

* Cinnamon--lowers blood sugar, cholesterol, and triglycerides

* Ginger--prevents motion sickness and lowers risk of blood clots

* Chamomile Tea--calms nerves and help relieve digestive problems

* Peppermint--Treats many digestion and gastrointestinal problems

These common herbs may be mixed with other proven natural products to achieve a particular result.

Traditional medicine is very useful for diagnosis, emergencies, trauma and surgery, but often does not cut it for preventing disease from occurring. The time and wait needed to visit a doctor to get a prescription, and the ever growing cost of medicine is allowing an opportunity for many people to try to get help from natural products.

Many traditional medicines are showing many adverse side effects. Natural, is not necessarily safe, and may have unwanted side effects just as with conventional medicines, however a large ever growing number of the population has been using herbals, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids for many years with very favorable results and no adverse effects.

Natural herbal products are now available for use by adults, children, and pets to remedy countless conditions from Angina and Arthritis, to skin care remedies, thyroid treatment, urinary tract infection and an unlimited number of other disorders.

Many new products have been compounded to remedy conditions other then disease, such as smoking cessation, removing unwanted hair, eliminating wrinkles and many other conditions.

One of the many natural herbal remedies could be your answer.

For quality information, and natural herbal remedies that are produced under pharmaceutical conditions to ensure the highest degree of potency and consistency.

Here are some of my favorite healing herbs, and more information for using them for homeopathy.


It would be impossible to fit all of the best healing herbs in one blog post, but we definitely want to include ginger. This is one of the top herbs with the most healing benefits. Ginger is often used to spice up cooking, but did you know it is amazing for your digestive health? This is why people often add ginger to their tea or drink a ginger soda when they have a tummy ache. Ginger is naturally soothing on the stomach and the rest of the body. It can also help to reduce inflammation in the body, provide natural antioxidants, and help boost your immune system. There are so many other benefits like helping with diabetes, infections, chronic pain, and lots more. Definitely consider using ginger if you are interested in homeopathy with herbs.

My favorite Ginger Tea.....calming digestive troubles and inflammation with ease! Plus tastes amazing!


The next herb you should learn more about is ginseng, which is probably a familiar name to you. Ginseng can also be used in foods or drinks you consume, or for applying topically for a wide range of purposes. Many people find ginseng supplements at their local drug store or health food store as the main homeopathic remedy. Ginseng can help with headaches, works as a natural stimulant for extra energy, can reduce indigestion, and even helps with infertility.

Milk Thistle

If you are interested in healing herbs, you should definitely learn more about milk thistle. This healing herb has been used for centuries in traditional homeopathic medicine. The milk thistle is a plant with seeds that contain bioflavonoids for helping with physical stress and boosting your immunity naturally. There are anti-inflammatory properties of milk thistle that help with reducing swelling, helping with digestion, and boosting your skin health.

The great thing about herbs is that you get the benefits from cooking with them, making beverages like tea or infused water, and with making your own tinctures, tonics, and salves for applying directly to your skin.

Herbs for Chronic Pain and Inflammation Relief

People who encounter conditions that cause chronic pain have a tendency to go for powerful prescription drugs first. While you should still seek medical help, this isn’t always the only solution. Pain medication can be expensive and habit forming, so not all pain sufferers will consider this as a route to freedom from their condition. In addition to this, there are a growing number of cases and studies that suggest allergic or pseudoallergic reactions can occur through use. When facing these kinds of situations, what can patients do to help themselves? A number of pain sufferers are turning to a more natural approach by using the methods of the past to treat the ailments of the present.


Cloves contain an agent called eugenol, which has been found to reduce pain during topical application. Recent studies concluded that clove gel was just as effective as a chemical gel at reducing pain in the gums of test subjects. The FDA has asserted that more testing is needed, but anyone who has chewed on cloves is aware of its numbing effect.


This tasty root is famous for being an excellent ingredient in cookies and Asian dishes, but it’s also been found to have useful anti-inflammatory properties. One study of 100 chronic migraine sufferers found that ginger was similarly effective to the drug sumatriptan. The upside of ginger is that it does not have the side effects of pharmaceutical pain medication.


Fennel has been used for thousands of years to help with digestion issues, and stop painful bloating, but one of the other amazing things about fennel, is its ability to help soothe muscle pain. This is caused by its tendency to relax muscles, and has been associated with relief from menstrual pain in women. Fennel is also high in some of the most important dietary minerals iron, manganese, magnesium, and calcium.


In traditional Chinese medicine, the use of nutmeg is well known for being able to fight inflammation of the joints. It can be ingested in the form of teas and placed in food for desired effect. It is also known to reduce abdominal aches and pains.

Jamaican Allspice

This interesting spice with a deceptive name comes from the Jamaican bayberry tree. It is in the top 10 most anti-inflammatory spices. It can be used both internally and topically for pains.

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