Healing Time 10pm-2am Are you getting yours?

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Do you struggle with sleep? Sometimes no matter how much we dream of a good night's sleep, our bodies have other plans.

If you’ve ever had to drag yourself through the day after sleeping poorly or dealt

with weeks or even months of sleep deprivation, then you’d be aware of how

essential sleep is to feeling your best. Sleep completely rejuvenates us. It allows

our bodies to heal for a full recovery. !

But what actually happens while we sleep and why is it so important to us? It’s

just not yet fully understood by medical research and medical science. So, let’s

take a look at the role sleep plays in healing now. !

Now, of course, you know that sleep is important. We learn that as we go through

life. Maybe when we’re younger, we don’t think we need any sleep. But it’s really

that important. !

And some people sleep just great. They sleep ten hours a night perfectly fine or

eight hours a night perfectly fine and don’t have any sleep issues. I’ve talked to

people and they’re like, “Oh, I sleep great!” and that’s wonderful because they

take advantage of all sleep offers for them. !

But what about people who don’t sleep good? What about people who have

insomnia, sleep disturbances, sleep disorders? What about those people? What

about you? What about you that has this sleep disorder? !

Well, I have really good news. I really do. Even though other people sleep all

night long and they sleep just fine, you can get some of the critical sleep time,

critical benefits that they get within just a few hours, really.!

You have to understand now, between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., we do the most of our

healing. That’s when the body does the healing. That’s it right there. So, when

we’re sleeping between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m., when we’re sleeping, we are doing

the real healing.!

The lympathic system is healing. The endocrine system is healing. The central

nervous system is healing. The organs are healing. The blood is building. The

red count, the RBCs are building. Everything is leveling out – monocytes,

lymphocytes, basophils, neutrophils. Our immune system is re-establishing itself

between ten and two.

What can you do to get better sleep?

I’m sure you are well aware of what NOT to drink to disrupt your sleep… like a big, hot, delicious cup of coffee.

But do you know what you SHOULD drink to help you catch some Zzz’s?

Here are some of my favorite drinks that are helpful for drifting off to sleep:

- Sleepytime Tea. There are many different brands to choose from that you can find at any grocery store, so pick one up and give it a try.

- Golden milk. It's also great for your health overall, too! Golden milk is so versatile and can be easily made vegan by using plant-based choices, which I prefer to do myself.

- Tart Cherry Juice. Naturally a source of melatonin which helps promote healthy sleep.

- Magnesium. Helps to promote great sleep, and is also helpful for digestion.

I also advise some soothing essential oils to relax and unwind at night! Calming those overactive thoughts is key! Find out more about essential oils and sleep

So tell me, what do you do to get a great night's sleep?!

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