Steps to Attract your Dream Life with Gratitude

The practice of gratitude as a tool for happiness has been in the mainstream for years. Long-term studies support gratitude’s effectiveness, suggesting that a positive, appreciative attitude contributes to greater success in work, greater health, peak performance in sports and business, a higher sense of well-being, and a faster rate of recovery from surgery.

But while we may acknowledge gratitude’s many benefits, it still can be difficult to sustain. So many of us are trained to notice what is broken, undone or lacking in our lives. And for gratitude to meet its full healing potential in our lives, it needs to become more than just a Thanksgiving word. We have to learn a new way of looking at things, a new habit. And that can take some time.

That’s why practicing gratitude makes so much sense. When we practice giving thanks for all we have, instead of complaining about what we lack, we give ourselves the chance to see all of life as an opportunity and a blessing.

Remember that gratitude isn’t a blindly optimistic approach in which the bad things in life are whitewashed or ignored. It’s more a matter of where we put our focus and attention. Pain and injustice exist in this world, but when we focus on the gifts of life, we gain a feeling of well-being. Gratitude balances us and gives us hope.

There are many things to be grateful for: colorful autumn leaves, legs that work, friends who listen and really hear, chocolate, fresh eggs, warm jackets, tomatoes, the ability to read, roses, our health, butterflies. What’s on your list?

Some Ways to Practice Gratitude

• Keep a gratitude journal in which you list things for which you are thankful. You can make daily, weekly or monthly lists. Greater frequency may be better for creating a new habit, but just keeping that journal where you can see it will remind you to think in a grateful way.

• Make a gratitude collage by drawing or pasting pictures.

• Practice gratitude around the dinner table or make it part of your nighttime routine.

• Make a game of finding the hidden blessing in a challenging situation.

• When you feel like complaining, make a gratitude list instead. You may be amazed by how much better you feel.

• Notice how gratitude is impacting your life. Write about it, sing about it, express thanks for gratitude.

As you practice, an inner shift begins to occur, and you may be delighted to discover how content and hopeful you are feeling. That sense of fulfillment is gratitude at work.

How to Attract Your Dream Life with Gratitude and Kick Someday to the Curb!

Do you find yourself overusing the word someday? You think, “someday I’ll be happy, someday I’ll travel, someday I’ll pursue my passion, someday I’ll (fill in the blank).” Good ol’ someday. It feels safe to delay what you truly want now, because it gives you permission to dream without taking action. You can convince yourself that you are simply waiting for the perfect timing. The only problem is the timing is never perfect and someday rarely ever comes. If you’re being honest with yourself, someday is really just a stand in for never.

If you had a choice to live a life you love now rather than later, wouldn’t you choose now? Stop giving your dreams a half-hearted yes and go all in! You can attract your dream life.

Let’s kick someday to the curb, shall we? Here’s how:

How to Attract Your Dream Life in 4 Steps:

Believe it’s possible for you

You can hope, wish, and pray for something to happen until you are blue in the face, but if you don’t believe it’s possible you will likely never receive what you want. I know that’s harsh, and it’s true.

What do you think is holding you back from going all in now? Dig deep and you will find it is your belief in yourself. Our beliefs come from experiences we’ve had since early childhood. They often make you feel less capable, less deserving, or even flawed in some way. Do you feel deserving of success? Do you find that you self-sabotage every time things start to go well? If so, you are aren’t alone. Take the time to identify where these beliefs come from so you can rewrite your story and move forward.

Closely monitor your thoughts.

Your thoughts become your life. The more your thoughts support your dreams, the more you will experience shifts in the forward direction. Unfortunately, the reverse is also true.

Take back your power and let your thoughts work for you rather than against you! Practice observing your thoughts. Don’t judge or criticize them, but simply be aware. Awareness is like shining a light in the dark. Negative thoughts can’t thrive in the light.

Try reframing your negative thoughts into more positive ones. This may feel uncomfortable at first, and that’s okay. This one step can change your life. I know it changed mine.

Take inspired action

The mindset work is key to shifting from fear to empowerment, and it doesn’t stop there. You must take inspired action to open up the pathway to receive what you want. Take action that feels light rather than heavy. If it feels like you are forcing things to happen, it’s too heavy. Inspired action feels positive and fulfilling rather than forceful.

Allow yourself to receive

It’s so easy to resist what is right there for the taking if you aren’t careful. I’ve been guilty of self-sabotaging when things start to get better. It makes no sense, but we all do this to an extent. Change is scary, even when it’s change for the better.

Try practicing authentic gratitude for what you already have and also for what is on its way to you. Feeling like you already have what you want opens you up to receive more abundance. Above all, receive what you want with a grateful heart.

You are deserving of everything the Universe has to offer.

You’ve always had the power to live your dream life. It’s a matter of really believing it’s possible for you, monitoring your thoughts, taking inspired action, and allowing yourself to receive. You are a co-creator with the Universe, and you have more control over today and tomorrow than you realize.

So can we both agree to kick someday to the curb once and for all? Be bold Be Brave!

Much Love Suzanne

PS. Would you like to chat about your gratitude practice or develop one for a time to chat with me!

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