This is exactly how you'll feel after we've spent some time together.

This 30-day program will....

Get you fast-tracked to feeling great again!

Give you the tips, tricks & tools that 35 years experience optimizing life bring!

Develop greater confidence, self-awareness & self-care!

Become more intentional, mindful and connected! 

Grow personally & professionally!

Nurture the most important relationship so all others improve!

(the most important relationship? YOU silly!)


What you Receive in our Time Together

30 Days

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Creating the Life you Desire


Living in the past? Feeling stuck? Relationships not lifting you up? Are you living in fear and regret unable to widen the perspective and grow? Letting opinions of others influence your life & business? Are you ready to be done using food, shopping, alcohol or any other vice for creating peace, calm and satisfaction? Social media making you feel sad, depressed, lonely or jealous?
I understand I was there too!

What you Will Learn

You will gain a strong understanding of what it means to live your best life. Develop the strategies that can help you to move forward and to determine what your purpose is. Understanding the importance of living with intention without worry, fear or hesitation.

Suzanne is a breath of knowledge, charisma and positivity all rolled into one very resilient package, she will teach, explain and help you grow in ways that feel fun, light and humorous.........but will rock you with Ah-Ha moments of awareness & hope! 

~Katherine Willey PhD 

The Topics We Will Cover

Welcome and Why You Have to Be Intentional with What You Want in Life 
Are You Putting Your Life on Hold? 
Living Your Best Life Doesn’t Mean It Has to Be Perfect 
What Does It Mean to Be Intentional with Your Life? 
5 Reasons Why You Can’t Afford to Wait for the Right Time 
Stop Saying No – Be Open to New Opportunities 
Cultivating a “Can Do” Mindset 
Don’t Let Fear Rule Your Life 
Improving Your Health Opens Up Choices 
Set Health & Fitness Goals for Yourself 
Tweaking Your Lifestyle to Reach Your Health and Wellness Goals 
Take a Look at Your Relationships & Discover if There’s Room for Improvements 
You’re Never Too Old to Try Something New 
Don’t Settle in Your Professional Life Just for the Paycheck 
Feeling Stuck? Widen Your Perspective About All Areas of Your Life 
What’s Holding You Back from Living the Life You Want? 
Tomorrow is Another Day – Don’t Hold on to the Past 
Worrying is a Waste of Time and Energy 
Stop Being Busy and Start Being Intentional to Get What You Want 
Are Your Daily Choices Aligning with Your Long-Term Goals? 
To Live Your Best Life, Look for Opportunities to Learn More and Continue to Challenge Yourself 
Make a Bucket List and Start Checking Things Off 
How Visualization Can Help You Live Your Best Life 
Invest in Experiences and Education Instead of Possessions 
Figure Out What You Really Want with a Brain Dump 
Let Go of the Perceptions and Expectations of Others 
How Social Media Can Skew Your Definition of Your Best Life 
Consistent Small Actions and Changes Will Help You Reach Even the Biggest Life Goals
Use a Journal to Stay in Touch with What You Really Want in Life 

What will have the biggest impact on you? What tips and ideas will be most helpful? Those are the skills that you want to come back to again and again. 

This simple 30-day program will change your life forever! 

Your life is yours to create. Enjoy the journey! 

Suzanne is a Certified Holistic Life Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Life Strategist and perpetual student of ancient philosophy, psychology, relationships, NLP, hypnotherapy and alternative healing modalities. Suzanne's mission is to be the catalyst for change, growth and tapping into your potential for health, vibrancy and success!! 

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Bonus LIVE Sessions for First Round of this Program

  • How to stop comparing yourself to others.

  • Learning how to say NO.

  • How to become more inspiring to brings so much JOY to see others thrive!!

  • Power Up your focus muscles and stop multitasking!!

  • Embracing Stillness to get clarity and peace of mind!!

Only Available on the LIVE Launch of this Program We Begin 9/16/19