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Some of the Upcoming Discussion Topics

Claiming your Credibility, Team Dynamics, Un-cluttering your Space & Brain for Business, The Power of Repetition, Email Marketing, How to be More Creative, How to Find Partners for Collaboration, Gratitude, Abundance, Manifesting Money, Self-Publishing ( cause anyone can have an Amazon bestseller) How to Grow a FB Group, Monetize your Knowledge, Meditation for Entrepreneurs, Self-Discipline for Female Business Owners, Raising your Rates, Free Publicity (game changer for me) and so much more.......I have a year planned out just for you!

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What Members are Saying

I needed some direction and guidance for taking my business and LIFE to the next level, that’s where the Idea Lab came in! All the tools & practices I needed to implement were provided. Not to mention the amazing collaborative minds that come together on our calls! It’s been life changing! ~ Toni Pakus

Suzanne is an incredible leader, spiritual guide, no nonsense call it like it is coach. She is confident in her experience, knowledge and education and she allows others to voice their questions and opinions. The Idea LAB therefore provides business owners with many coaches. Suzanne brings the structure and guidance and allows us to all work together. A great coach knows when to let those she coaches the opportunity to cultivate their thoughts and ideas. ~ Denise Stegall

I'm loving the Idea Lab. Suzanne's leadership, along with the camaraderie of the group, has provided me with a safe place to address my challenges, while giving me the tools and inspiration to overcome them and achieve my goals. Thank you Idea Lab! ~ Michael Gross the Wingman

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