Believe. Impact. Soar

Are you ready to experience your most positive, energetic, powerful life ever?


Get inspired to..........


Feel the utmost clarity about life, goals, dreams and mission!


Develop the mental stamina and enjoy the physical energy to perform at your best!!


Exude confidence to boldly show up in the world!


Release the distractions and poor habits that cause self-sabotage & the feeling of being "stuck" and create the routines, develop the habits and willpower to keep you on track!

Experience greater influence, 


Become a better leader in life, work and with yourself! 


Be the most inspirational person you know.......Acquire resilience, peaceful energized tranquility, and the emotional intelligence that allows you to conquer any challenge that life may throw your way! 

Through this group coaching process, you will discover new beliefs, habits, tools, strategies and join the ranks of the world's happiest, joyful, successful feeling people! Plus, cultivate relationships and community with like-minded people all moving along the same journey! 

How it Works

What you receive...........

Group Begins October 20, 2020


1 Group Call per week (will be recorded)

Tuesday Evening 7-9pm

Mini-Masterclasses in FB Group LIVE 


Weekly Reflection Prompts


Positive Psychology Interventions & Activities, Meditations & tons of other juicy 



Private Facebook Group Members


Weekly Livestreams for Q & A


Once you join you will be sent an email to connect with Suzanne Via Zoom and get introduced to the Facebook Group and the Prep work to get started! 


Welcome to your new community! 



The Experience 


WARNING – this is not a superficial and fluffy program – we get right down to business!

There will be tears, and pain and a lot of growth. There will be real change and if you put everything into this program that you have – you will graduate in 12 months lighter and free of a lot of burdens.


I am here to support you on your personal development journey! It begins here!


What you will take away........

Throughout the Course of the Next 12 Months You Will Be Diving Deeply into What Makes You Tick and Creating The Fundamental Changes You Desire in Your Life.


This first four to five months just for you! To dive deep into what you really want, finding your soul's purpose, this is bigger than what you do for a living and who you are right now........this is about stepping into who you are meant to be! 

Our activities in this time will be:  

*Your Negative Habit List ~ Moving past them with Ease & Grace

*Values, Morals & Virtues to Support you Living in that Space

*Ancient Wisdom for Seeing your True Value & Contribution to the World

*Living each Day Carpe Diem Style & the Journaling, Tracking to Support each Day Getting 1% Better than the Day Before!! 


Plus: Emails to Support Putting these Tools into Action! 

The Basics of Living Well, Energized, Rested & Stress FREE

Some of the Topics Include

* Nourish ~ Nutrition ~ The Foundation of How we Feel! Custom to your needs!

*Move ~ Exercise ~ The Foundations of How we Move!  Custom to your Abilities & Goals!

* Be ~ Meditation ~ The Key to Understanding Yourself at a Deeper Level, Mindfulness, Calm, Energized Tranquility!

* Sleep ~ Why we Sleep, How to do it Better, Longer, Deeper, Digital Detox, Morning Routine!

*Breathe ~ We can go without food for weeks, water for days Air for minutes! Get it Right!


Crafting the Life of your Dreams

Some of the Topics Include

*Presence ~ Crafting and Shining in your Body, Mind & Spirit. Mastering your personal Energy, Space and Confidence Knowing Who you are, Enough to be able to Share with Others, Vibrant Energy that can be Felt just Being in your "Presence"

*Prosper ~ From the Ancient Greeks ~ To Go Forward with Hope......the Foundation of my Coaching Philosophy......this one is NOT about Money and Material Things!!

*Flow ~ Getting There, How, What, Why and the Magic of Creating it More Often!!

*Gratitude ~ Ya Ya I Know, But Seriously this is the Game Changer.......Create the Practice, Master the Tracking! 

*Forgiveness ~ Letting Go of Regret, Past Mis-Takes, Should's and Trauma & Hurts 

Plus: Unlimited Text & Email Support, Lifetime Updates Included! 

Special Guest Experts 

Cheryl McBride Bailey - Meditation

Michelle Boss - Financial Wellbeing

Michelle Robinson - Insurance Planning

Lisa Medley - Mind/Body Connection

Micheal Gross - Wingman's Path to Positivity 

Denise Stegall - The Happy Living Coach

Jillian Sandoval - Recovery & Sobriety Mentor

Krista Rizzo - Parenting Expert #whyamIyelling

JOIN Before October 2 AND RECEIVE:

  • A Special Intake Session of 90 mins to Clarify where you are now and where you want to go, making sure we will close that gap and give you everything you need and more in this program!  


What Past Participants Say.....


Doing this work 1:1 with Suzanne changed my life, my outlook and my relationships.  I couldn't be happier with the results. Sometimes uncomfortable and sometimes really fun! She was not afraid to go deep and get to the powerful ah-ha moments! 

Thank You Suzanne

~Walter Martin ESQ.

“The group offered me an opportunity to be in the moment, and feel completely supported by others around me.  It was so helpful to be in a supportive community where I could share anything I wanted to share – good or bad, and others do the same.  I was reminded that we’re all human. Simple exercises we did, honest conversations we had, and the faith we had in each other was an incredible source of inspiration during this time in my life.”  

– Anna Grundstrom, Brooklyn, NY

You will experience impact, growth & change in.....



Learn what the science of happiness and well-being (Positive Psychology) is all about.  Tell strengths stories and uncover the power of focusing on “what’s right with you” in a world that’s constantly focusing on what’s going wrong.



Discover your top signature strengths are.  Learn about naming, spotting and amplifying strengths. Use these skills to become more effective in the world by leveraging what you’re already doing well.



Learn about how evolution has biased your mind and body for negativity and how you can counter this tendency to worry, judge and ruminate by practicing gratitude.  Learn the science of gratitude and novel gratitude exercises.



Positive life events alone are not enough to bring out happiness.  Harnessing these approaches to savoring enable you to get more positivity out of your day-to-day experiences.  



Learn to build more positive and authentic connections with the people in your life.  Uncover simple tools for helping the people in your become happier and healthier.


Many people waste their energy thinking about things they “should change” but rarely do.  Uncover this research-based approach to effectively moving towards your best possible self.



Is your mind-full or are you mindful? Learn about how your brain works. Identify how to redirect and reprogram your limiting beliefs to more empowering, solution-oriented thoughts.



Of you can teach an old dog new tricks, you just need to know the science of how habits form and how they are broken.  Learn to identify the trigger, habit loop course and appropriate rewards to break old habits.



Forgiving does not mean forgetting.  Research shows that people who score high on forgiveness are happier than those who score the least.  Discover exercises for letting go of the past to be able to authentically move forward. 



Learn the science of intuition and how to tell the difference between the static and the signals.  Practice taping your inner wisdom and intuition.



Entrepreneurial Bonuses

Optimal Business Practices

Leadership & Leading Self First


Public Speaking

Conquering Digital Addiction

Conquering Fear

Building Unstoppable Teams

Say HELLO to the best version of you in the future, it is there waiting for you, you know it, you can see what it looks like, tastes like, smells like..........BUT not sure where to begin........this is it! My dream is to IMPACT you so deeply that you WILL TRANSFORM in your own unique way, none of my clients have the same journey, that's how I impact and encourage you to SOAR. To BELEIVE in who and what you can be! 


I - immediate, innovate, independent, immense, ideal, illuminate, influence, imagine insight, inspire, integrity


M - motivate, master, magical, masterful, marvelous, meaningful, memorable, merit mindful, miraculous, momentous, monumental, 


A - activate, action, affirm, accountable, able, accept, admire, abundance, accomplish, achieve, adapt, ambition, aware, authentic, attract


C - champion, celebrate, concentrate, calm, capable, can-do, captivate, centered




S - simplify, self-assured, spark, sensational, serendipity significant, serene


O - oasis, objective, observe, obtain, one-of-a-kind, onward, open, optimism, optimize, organic, outreach, outperform, outstanding

A - activate, action, affirm, accountable, able, accept, admire, abundance accomplish, achieve, adapt, ambition, aware, authentic, attract


R - robust, radiant, rise, raise, rare, reach, reflect, recognize, refresh, reconnect, rejuvenate, regenerate, renew, replenish, resilient, resourceful, robust

All my love, support, and encouragement Suzanne  LET'S DO THIS! 

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