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Welcome to the Authentic Business Collective ~ this group is for you to connect, collaborate and get/give ideas, accountability and support from a group of likeminded authentic business owners, executives and network marketing professionals. 


This group is for you if you have been networking for one hot minute or 45 years and are looking to do things differently, to think about collaboration for leads and growth ~ By connecting beyond social media and with soul-centered sharing we can create a collective vision for all ~ A wildly successful business with more time for friends, family and fun!! 

Stepping into your power as a business owner can be tough when your family, friends, and partners don't understand what you do!! Get the support, guidance, and inspiration you need from a group of incredible members! Membership is FREE for all ~ some events have a ticket price to cover food, speaker and/or materials






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My letter to You Heart-Centered Entrepreneur.........


If you are a heart-centered coach, consultant, holistic practitioner or a self-employed professional, this might be the most important thing you read all year. In fact, if you apply what I’m about to share, you might just take your business or professional practice to a whole new level of success. Knowing this information earlier in my practice would have saved me a lot of time, energy, and possibly money along with my journey as an entrepreneur. Now I want to share it with business professionals all across the country! 


What is an intentional, heart-centered business?

When I asked participants of a recent workshop I taught on this topic, the majority of people answered something like, “It’s a spiritually based business, that brings love and healing to people.” Though I believe that this answer is essentially right, my take on this is far more pragmatic…


You see, to me, living consciously means to live intentionally. This means, that everything I do has a bigger intention and reason behind it. And what makes a business conscious vs unconscious, is the degree to which there’s a clear intention for having the business in the first place. In other words, what is your business designed to do, achieve or support?


That brings us to what makes your business ‘heart-centered”. Though it’s true that the heart is the organ traditionally associated with love, what makes your business heart-centered, is that it exists as an expression of your core values or life purpose or simply, what is most important and meaningful to you, the main reason you’re here on this planet, and the unique gifts and talents you came here to share with others.


Combine these two together, and you now have what I call an ‘intentional, heart-centered business’, or a business that exists solely for the purpose of supporting what is most important and meaningful to you, including a lifestyle that makes you feel fully alive and amazing, so that you can express your unique qualities, creative gifts, and talents in service of others.  Plus make money doing it! Hello!


What makes a conscious, heart-centered business different from other kinds of businesses solely designed to ‘maximize profits’, is that it is designed to support you first and foremost so that you can better support others. Take care of yourself, so that you can take care of others in the same way in which a newly developed heart first pumps blood to itself, before pumping it to the rest of the body.

Now, your conscious heart-centered business will be stable and strong when it is built upon what I call the four business builders. What are these builders? Let’s take a quick look at each of them.


The 4 Builders of an Intentional Heart-Centered Business



The purpose is both the heart and the heartbeat of your business, or the reason why your business exists in the first place. To help you discover what this is for you, here are some questions that you might want to explore:

  • How aligned is your current business with your core values and life purpose?

  • Is your current practice an expression of your values, mission, passion, and gifts?

  • What is your unique perspective, knowledge or skills that your business allows you to share with others?



Without people to serve, your business cannot exist. So, who are the people who you’re here to help and support? You want to get clear on who they are physically and emotionally! Emotions are huge! 

  • Who are they? Where do they live? What do they do for a living? How old are they? Where do they go shopping? What kind of cars do they drive? Are they single? Married? Divorced?

  • What do they believe about life? What is their view of the world? Where are they along their life’s journey? What do they value most?

  • How do I find them? Build a following? Become the expert in my circle? How do you expand and invite them to my circle? 



Problems are your customer’s main, unmet and pressing need. People don’t buy a program, coaching, or NLP or any healing you offer, what they buy is a solution to a problem they believe they have.
Here’s some questions that will help you gain greater clarity:

  • What are your customers main problems and unmet needs?

  • Is this a problem (or goal) that they are willing to spend money to fix?

  • How are they addressing this need today, however poorly?



Products or services are your proposed solution to your customers’ problems. They are what your customers will spend money on in order to meet their needs or reach their goal. Your product
of service is also a vehicle for you to express your purpose in a way that is clear, concise, tangible, and can be exchanged for money. Some questions you’d want to answer:

  • What makes your product, service or solution compelling? Are you in alignment with the company? it's values? the ingredients? the message? the charity work they do?

  • How will your customers benefit? Can these benefits be quantified?

  • How is your solution different from other alternatives? (cheaper, faster, more efficient, ethical or sustainable?)


Like a building with a strong foundation, having clarity on what these four pillars are in your current business or practice will give you a strong and solid foundation to then build a website, do your marketing, and create a business model designed for success. But leave one or two out, and you’ll end up with a business that is unstable or weak, and will not be able to fully support you or serve others effectively.


When I first embarked on the journey to becoming a professional coach I only had clarity about two of these pillars. I was very clear on my purpose and the products and services I wanted to offer, but lacked clarity on the specific people I am here to help, and the particular problems they face. As a result, my business struggled. Once I got clear on those things, the language to speak to my clients came easily, the fear of inviting people to work with me fell away, I overcame the reluctance to ask for money and to be paid for my services because I knew my worth! Since that time my practice has doubled, my income tripled, and my confidence has allowed me to have referral partners who are Physicians, Naturopaths, Gut Health Experts, Spiritual Coaches and Healers.......and now hopefully YOU!


I want that for you too! Join me on this collective journey to bring together like minded entrepreneurs, store owners, coaches, healers, doctors, teachers, lawyers, network marketing professionals, non-profits and fitness pros!


I look forward to connecting!



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